Ron Cundiff drinks Red Bull like Homer Simpson swigs beer, so get set for a well-caffeinated presentation. Ron loves challenges, tight deadlines and boosting productivity, but dislikes status meetings, slow drivers and waiting for downloads. Could there be a pattern here? Ron began his programming career at the tender age of 10, when he decided his Commodore 64 games weren’t quite cutting it. He then downloaded technical info from BBS and wrote his own games using sprite graphics. Before joining Microsoft in 2002, Ron designed and implemented a global online commodities exchange system for an ISV. He has also held management and technical leadership positions with a Microsoft partner. His certifications include MCSD, MCSE, MCDBA, MCP+I+SB – and he’s working on extending the list. Ron has led 56 MSDN events to date and participated in over 20 user group meetings throughout Kansas, Missouri and Tennessee.

Topic: Next Generation Identity Management: Windows CardSpace

Windows CardSpace (formerly code-named “InfoCard”) is part of.NET 3.0 and provides a standards-based interoperable solution for working with and managing diverse digital identities. CardSpace is designed to enable users to easily and safely manage their digital identities and to authenticate themselves to websites and services. In this session we’ll provide a detailed tour of the elements needed to implement an identity metasystem using Windows CardSpace.

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2007 Officers Elected – Wednesday, December 27, 2006
At our December meeting we held elections and we would like to welcome our new officers for the year 2007:

Tommy Norman – President

Rachel Twyford – Vice President

Rebel Bailey – Meeting Coordinator